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German - English Specialist Translations

Expert Business and Technical Translations

SDL Trados certified translator on staff

IT translations and technical translation and proofreading services for other fields including finance, business, technology, industry, logistics and advertising help make your global business personal.

Are you looking for technical translators with experience and expertise? Do you need your annual report translated? Are your customers requesting manuals in their native language? Are you interested in marketing your products and services overseas? Do you have a business idea that you think would translate well to the international market? Are you looking for someone to help you convey your organization's message across national boundaries and language barriers? Then Cornillie Consulting is the right partner for you!

Cornillie Consulting is a specialist German/English language service provider with longstanding career experience in the areas of IT, technology, logistics, business and marketing. We offer an in-house team of native speakers who are responsible for translating and proofreading along with a flexible group of professional freelancers for large projects and additional language combinations.

Technical Translations and Proofreading

We can help you with any kind of communication or correspondence. From websites to marketing collateral, from proposals to product documentation, from software localization to copywriting and editing - we provide a host of language services designed to help you get your message across in a manner that is clear and accurate, yet stylistically appealing. That's because our translators are college-educated professionals with relevant career experience in their fields of specialty. We understand your business and its language and this enables us to provide high-quality translations and texts that perfectly capture your message while presenting it to your target audience in a manner that is familiar and authentic. Time and again, our customers note their appreciation of the difference between our expert, hand-crafted translations and translations provided by other freelancers and agencies.

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Our Language Services

Making Global Business Personal

Global business is not just about products and profits. It's also about people and emotions, about leadership and communication. The more personal the message behind your business, the more success it will have globally. The more emotions your brand awakens in prospective customers, the more powerful it will become. The greater the effort you make to speak to your customers in their language, the greater your reward will be. For us, this is what making global business personal is all about. The key to success lies in our close relationships with our customers combined with our in-house expertise. We are specialists in the areas of IT, technology, marketing, business and logistics, and we understand the business processes involved. We speak your language and we know the right questions to ask. We work together with customers to create customized terminology, elegantly formulated slogans, and comprehensive translations. What's more, we use a wide range of professional tools including SDL Trados Translation Memory and Terminology Database software to ensure that translations remain consistent and that previously translated material is effectively leveraged. Combined with additional methods - such as internationalization and controlled technical authoring - this results in a significant decrease in the expenditure related to marketing and supporting your products and services internationally.

With our expert language and consulting services, you'll benefit from higher quality at a lower overall cost!

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