Terminology Management

Terminology Management

In corporate communications developing and maintaining consistent terminology throughout the organization is essential. Which term is the right one: intranet, portal, or employee website? How did we formulate the menu item "File/Projects/New Project/Open" in Software Version 2.0? For every concept or idea, there are countless terms and phrases that employees and partners could use. Only you can decide which terminology is right for your organization. And consistent terminology is the key to communicating your message to customers clearly and effectively. Here, even the smallest details can make a big difference. Punctuation, capitalization, spelling conventions (e.g., US or GB) all contribute to the overall image your customers have of your business and its products and services. If even the slightest inconsistency arises, someone is sure to notice.

When additional languages are added to the mix, the problem is compounded: Now you have a multitude of choices in a variety of different languages. There are myriad translations for different terms and this can lead to endless complexity. These are all issues that can exceed the budget and time constraints many small and medium sized businesses have to work with.

Cornillie Consulting has the solution: Professional terminology management. Tools such as SDL Trados MultiTerm, MultiTerm Extract, SDL PhraseFinder and ApSIC Xbench offer unified solutions for consolidating terminology across multiple sources including existing translations, terminology lists, glossaries, and dictionaries. This allows us to:

SDL Trados MultiTerm Terminology Management Database for consistent use of industry-specific language and in-house terminology.

Create bilingual glossaries and terminology databases by extracting information from your existing material
Create terminology databases for you during the translation process and update them as we go along
Use our own extensive library of terms including Microsoft, SAP, Business Intelligence, Content Management, Computer Hardware and Software, Business, Finance, Brand Management, Marketing and Advertising, Automotive, Industry, Logistics and much more to help keep language consistent even if you do not currently have an existing terminology guideline.

We are detail-oriented and our quality management system seamlessly integrates professional terminology management in our translation process. Ask us for a free consultation on terminology management solutions today!

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