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Product Documentation

We translate and proofread technical product documentation including operating manuals, handbooks, reference texts and much more.

Product documentation often presents a special challenge. When localizing product documentation, such as user guides, translators need to understand how the products work, the special features they offer and the dangers that abusing the products can present. We are highly skilled in localizing user guides, instruction manuals and product briefs for consumer electronics and appliances. What's more, we have practical experience in localizing documentation for industrial machinery, technical equipment and medical devices. This experience shows that the types of machinery, the scope of functionality and the work processes involved are always unique to each specific industry and company. Localization project managers need to be familiar with the respective company's technology and innovations in order to work effectively. That's why we offer personal consultations. We will gladly visit your plant to learn about your company, its products, the relevant machinery and the work processes involved in your industry.

Software Documentation

We localize, translate and proofead software documentation such as user manuals and administrator guides.

Software documentation is also uniquely challenging. Software programmers and project managers know that there is more to software documentation than merely describing the software's features. Similarly, localizing software documentation involves much more than simply translating existing manuals.

The first issue we address here is whether a localized version of the software is available. If translators have access to a localized version of the software or screenshots of the menu items, the navigation and the program messages, they can offer a precise translation that corresponds exactly to the actual software the users will see. If they do not have access to this information, the result will be increased costs for the client due to a rise in support requests and general confusion among users.

The second issue we focus on is terminology. The software industry is marked by tight deadlines. Often product documentation is created before the software is completely finished. Likewise, documentation may be translated before the software has been fully localized. When the product is ready for market release, the corresponding documentation must be ready - in every language required for the respective target markets. While the situation is not ideal, it does occur often that manuals with many hundreds of pages need to be translated within the span of one or two weeks. Here, many companies hire a team of translators to work simultaneously on different sections of the document. Consistency is crucial in such cases. This is where effective terminology management plays a key role. If the translators know how the key menu items, commands and strings are translated, they will provide much more effective and consistent translations, which in turn will save everyone involved a great deal of time and money.

But there are more issues: Professional project management, leveraging previously translated material, specialized dictionaries and other tools distinguish specialists from the rest of the translation crowd.

Since we offer both software localization and documentation localization, we are able to work together closely with software project managers to develop international software manuals, user guides, administrator manuals and much more.

We support a variety of formats, from online help files to LaTeX documents.

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