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Cornillie Consulting Language Services - Your guide when it comes to managing global business.

Our globalization services were created to help you deal with the challenge of making products, marketing collateral, user guides, websites, and other media available on a global basis. From the development of a vision to the completion of a global corporate website, we can help you throughout each phase of the process.

We have found it quite useful to break down the process of globalization into several steps. This offers two benefits: First, the workflow can be easily managed and tasks can be divided up among project team members. Second, the process can take place in increments. This helps you save time and money by working on prioritized objectives first, and globalizing one step at a time while maintaining professional content throughout the project life cycle.

The three main components of globalization projects include: internationalization, localization, and content management. Translation plays an important role in localization and content management. Cornillie Consulting can help you manage the entire globalization process, from planning and implementation to review, improvement and expansion:

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