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Internationalizing various content requires experience and expertise.

Making your software or website available to a variety users in different countries is not simply a matter of translating files and texts. It takes careful consideration to create navigational systems, help programs and texts that speak to every user or visitor on a personal level. Artwork must often be re-thought; color schemes almost always need to be re-worked. Standards for measurement, currency and even paper size must be set.

It comes in handy to develop glossaries and style guides that will accompany all project members throughout the globalization process. We have found that working within such a framework saves time and eliminates mistakes.

Project managers must also take local tastes and preferences into account. European users will rarely react to content the same way that American users do. For example, German and Czech users are extremely wary of giving out their credit card information. When shopping online, they usually prefer to be billed or have the purchase amount taken directly from their account. Users from the United States on the other hand, prefer to pay by check, credit card or cash on delivery. We help you create manageable international content with the functionality and security that local users demand.

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