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Website Localization

Website Localization

We translate websites directly in tools such as Typo3 or other Content Management Systems.

If you take a look at the German translation of this website, you will notice that it has not been translated word for word. That is because our message to German-speaking clients differs from our message to English-speaking clients. Deciding what content to present to which audience is an exciting challenge. It is here, however, that companies that are in a rush to get their products and services to the international market often inadvertently commit blunders such as using machine translation to translate product information and corporate messages or neglecting to change color schemes, designs, and supporting materials to adapt to other cultures.

More often than not, translating the homepage of a website and leaving the rest of the material untouched will result in fewer page views as users search deeper within the site. They will inevitably be disappointed that the content they seek is not available to them in their preferred language. For example, users might have a basic understanding of English but they will seldom read long documents or white papers in English if this is not their native language. Firstly, this would usually require considerable language skill. Secondly, even if the user has a good command of the English language, he or she will rarely have enough time to concentrate on the foreign-language content long enough to gain a full understanding of it. And thirdly, it is difficult to "browse" through documents that are written in a foreign language in order to find exactly what you are looking for or to understand the gist of the document. On the other hand, if you offer information about your products or services in the target audience's native language and your competitors do not, you will have a clear advantage.

Cornillie Consulting offers the services necessary to help ease product localization and promote healthy local branding.

Providing international users and visitors with current and relevant content requires extensive research, dynamic programming, and professional content management. Cornillie Consulting can help you design a framework that will allow your organization to update website content in a variety of languages quickly and easily. In addition, we can work with a number of different content management solutions, including RedDot, Contribute, Typo3, Mambo and more.

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